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After The Birth will no longer be offered as a stand alone course after December 31st, 2022. There's not much time left to take advantage of this well priced offer.

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You Don't Have To Dread Your Postpartum Recovery


This course will equip you to navigate the early days after birth with confidence and ease.

You will get a thorough understanding of exactly what happens after birth, what to expect for yourself and your baby, and tips and tricks amassed by a nurse who's cared for thousands of patients after birth.

Tools for self-advocacy and accessing valuable learning opportunities from hospital staff are also covered.

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Don't worry about sorting through hours of a video to find the info you want. This course is divided into 3 modules which are further divided into separate sections according to the topic. Here's a sample of what you can expect to see in a given section. The course topics are listed below. 



The First 2 Hours

.    ~laceration repair

     ~fundal checks

     ~the Golden Hour


     ~cesarean birth

     ~unexpected events

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 Mother's Recovery

.    ~pain control


     ~perineal care


     ~breast care

     ~before you go

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 Baby's Transition

.    ~newborn appearance



     ~tests & procedures

     ~care & safety


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The Ultimate Baby Gift


 Shower a mama-to-be with love and care by buying her a gift voucher to this online course.

She will gain knowledge and empowerment that will influence her entire postpartum experience.

She will remember the positive impact far beyond an outgrown stretchie or frayed baby blanket. 

Stay tuned for more! 


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