Hi! I’m Chanie


I'm a registered nurse that has cared for moms and babies from pregnancy through postpartum for 8 years, in 4 different hospitals. I became one after the birth of my first baby. Her birth was straightforward and she was healthy, but the hospital staff treated me badly. They were unsupportive, ridiculed my birth preferences and blatantly disregarded them. I will always remember the disempowerment and vulnerability that I felt during that time, a time that should have been rich with unadulterated joy.  

Coming away from this experience led me to develop the belief that even if everything goes well in birth, when a mother is robbed of her autonomy, she will come away feeling dissatisfied. Even worse, she might second guess things that happened at her birth, especially if she finds out that some undesired outcome could have been prevented. I have too many moms express regret for not knowing something they think they should have, even though it was really the responsibility of their care team to know. On the flip side, things might not go as planned, as they often do in birth, but if the mother remains at the center of her care, understands what's happening, and is surrounded by a supportive team, she will still come away with feelings of joy and empowerment.


I became a nurse because I wanted to give new moms the support and love that they deserve, which I myself didn't get. Working in the hospital exposed me to the many barriers that stand in the way of that, and I have developed solutions for them. In July 2020, at the height of the Covid pandemic, I took the plunge and started an Instagram account to share some of this information. I received an overwhelmingly positive response that propelled me to also start The Happy BirthWay Podcast in April 2021. Starting the Yoledet Community and offering online courses seem like the natural way to expand my reach even farther. Check out my courses and membership community to discover how I can support you through your journey. I can't be everyone's nurse, but I can still impact their birth, and that is a privilege I will never take for granted.  



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