You Deserve The Utmost Respect and Support When Giving Birth 

Your birth team are experts in their knowledge about birth. But you are the best expert on your individual values, goals and desires for this most special occasion. Obstetric hospital staff and providers hold a lot of power over the way a woman will experience her birth. It's easy to lose your power and autonomy in making decisions about your plan of care. This workshop will teach you how most effectively advocate for yourself and get all the members of your birth team to honor your wishes in the most respectful way.

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The Self-Advocacy In Birth Workshop will take place on Tuesday, February 28th, 2023 at 7:30 PM. It will last approximately 1.5 hours plus a 30 minute Q&A.


This is a live virtual workshop. A Zoom link will be emailed to registrants upon enrollment. Registrants will also  receive access to the recording for 30 days.


Chanie Fingerer is a certified inpatient obstetrics registered nurse who has worked on the labor and delivery unit, in 4 different hospitals, since 2014. 

Why not just do whatever the hospital staff tells me to? Don't they have my best interest in mind?

So many women go into their birth without any preparation, thinking that they will just do whatever the hospital staff tells them to. That might work for some women, but hospital protocols often adopt a standardized approach, which can take the focus off of each patient's individual situation. The staff are often caring for multiple patients at the same time and that means that they have to divide their attention among all of their patients. By the time you get to the hospital, it's too late to start learning all of your options simply because the staff does not have enough time to thoroughly explain everything.

But my doctor or midwife cares so much about me - they would never mistreat me!

It's great when you have established a strong and positive relationship with your obstetric provider, but they will not be the only ones taking care of you during your birth. In fact, your nurses will likely spend much more time with you than your obstetric provider during your labor. You can pick your doctor or midwife, but you can't really pick your nurse. Learn what to do if the nursing staff isn't providing you with good care. 

Get the staff to cooperate with you - not work against you.

Don't make the mistake of coming off as antagonistic when you advocate for yourself. If not done in the right way, it can easily appear as demanding and rude. Hospital staff can get turned off and lose their motivation to go above and beyond for you. Learn how you can get them to collaborate with you in a way that will be positively received. Plus, you will get the tools to make the most of their treasure trove of knowledge and access important educational opportunities. 

Participate in making decisions about your care.

Your input in your birth plan of care is critical, but many healthcare providers continue to make decisions for women without consulting them about their options. Learn how to take an active role in ensuring that you are presented with all of your options and then deciding which ones are the best fit for  you. Informed consent is a patient right and you are entitled to know about all of the options available to you, however sadly many patients are still not being given a thorough explanation.

You Will Remember Your Birth Forever

Make sure that no matter how it turns out, you will emerge from it feeling empowered and honored as the strong woman that you are. Whether this is your first birth, or you are looking to prevent the things that went wrong with your previous birth, this workshop is your key to creating the most wonderful memories of your baby's birth.

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